What is the updated Partner Royalty structure at Lightstock?

This is not a replacement for the official site Contributor Agreement, which can be found here

For the legacy credit-based usage, royalties will remain to be paid per the previous structure.

For the updated la carte standard or extended license purchases, the Partner Royalty structure is 50% of the net revenue for that license transaction. For example, if a Standard License for a photo is purchased for $8, the Partner Royalty is 50% of the $8 transaction price (taxes non-applicable).

For unlimited membership downloads, the Partner Royalty structure is a formula of:

Membership Revenue x Membership Download Pro-Rata x Revenue Share


For example, if Lightstock collects $100,000 of membership plan revenue in a given month, a base revenue share of 20%, and the Contributor’s membership pro-rata of the monthly downloads is 10%, then the monthly membership royalties due to the Contributor are:


Membership Revenue Collected         $100,000

Contributor Revenue Share                x 20%

Membership Download Pro-Rata        x 10%

Total Membership Royalties Due     = $2,000 ($100,000 x 20% x 10%)

These calculations will be updated daily and will adjust as monthly revenue or membership downloads accrue. Lightstock intention is to provide the necessary visibility to be helpful via the Daily Digest email and Contributor Dashboard, but those calculations won't be final until after the month ends and reporting may vary from day-to-day.


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